Over Sized Shirt

I had a meeting in the city and needed to look professional but didn’t want to stop looking like an artist as that’s kind of my style so wore this huge shirt. It’s really comfy and uncomfortable at the same time. I think it’s the neck line that throws it off a little but I still like it regardless because it’s voluminous, black (obviously) and doesn’t crease. Sometimes I think that wearing such big outfits is not doing my figure any favours and then I realise I don’t really give a damn and would rather dress for myself than for the people looking at me.

blackshirt blackshirt02

Shirt: ASOS (Similar here)

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Modcloth / Stylish Plus / Forever 21

Boohoo / Boohoo / Boohoo

Everyday Fur Trim Jacket

I don’t like winter as much as I used to. Our house can feel really cold during the day, I don’t like getting the bottom of my jeans wet because I’m always schlepping through a puddle and it is a serious pain having to open and shut the driveway gate when we’re driving and it’s raining.

The fashion is fun though, as always and I’m hoping it will get even a bit colder so I can wear some scarves…if I can find any as the kids keep stealing them.

This is my favourite jacket this winter.



And because I can’t take a good photo of myself to save my life, here’s what it looks like on a real model by a real photographer.

101960_black_2_86_143 101960_black_4_320_530

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Stylish Plus / Modcloth / ASOS

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